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ITW Ransburg Electrostatic Spray

Spray gun

The Ransburg electrostatic spray systems can offer the following benefits.

  • Reduced over spray/paint waste
  • Less clean up in the spray area
  • Reduced application time with improved efficiency
  • EPA compliant
  • Can be supplied in either air assist, airless or air atomising versions

2 K fluid metering system can offer the following benefits.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Pot life timer and pneumatic run output
  • A & B totals and refill totals
  • Fault alarm horn and real time error messages
  • Dual or single component systems
  • User-friendly menus on easy to read back lit LEC display
  • Electrical I/0
  • Stores up to five recipes
  • Easy calibration
Aquatank isolation chamber

The Ransburg Aqua tank is an isolation chamber used to contain high voltage from ground for an electrostatic water based application.

A range of paint testing equipment is available to allow the painter to check the conductivity of the paint.

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