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Spray Guns

Picture of an Electrostatic Spray Gun

MultiSpray stocks a comprehensive range of paint spray guns from many different manufacturers including Kremlin Rexson, Binks, DeVilbiss and Graco.

The guns we supply fall into four main categories:

Examples of the Spray Guns we Supply

  • Kremlin A35 HTI and HPA Spray Guns
  • Kremlin A29 HTI and HPA Spray Guns
  • Kremlin Xcite Spray Guns
  • Kremlin Hand Spray Guns
  • Spraymium Spray Guns
  • Wagner AG08 Spray Guns
  • Wagner GM3000AC Spray Gun
  • HTi Compliant Airspray Gravity Gun
  • HTi Compliant Airspray Pressure Gun
  • HPA Conventional Airspray Gravity Gun
  • HPA Conventional Airspray Pressure Gun
  • HPA Conventional Airspray Suction Gun
  • Airmix Automatic Spray Guns
  • Airless Automatic Spray Guns

Not Just Paint Spray Guns

Whilst we can supply spray guns to your order if you know what you want, we can also advise you on the best equipment for your spraying application, just let us know what you need it to do.

For more complex jobs we offer a bespoke design service to ensure that all of your spray equipment works together optimally to deliver an excellent final outcome.

Ongoing help and support, maintenance, repairs and servicing is all available, giving you a single supplier for all of your paint spraying needs.

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